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As we discuss  the types of events that emerge a change in human activity to bring to light the uniqueness in places, we may refer to two kinds of events spatial Events that creates a new kind of time event such as the "dying stages of a building" or the "Public Shelters".  The type of Event is a time event that creates a new space. In this phenomenon we will observe the later type of Event. In holidays we might see the private, shared and public spaces shift and transform in order to obtain the customs and rules of a certain holiday. In this example we will see how the necessities during the holiday of Sukkoth in Israel changes the built environment. During Sukkoth people are building a Sukkah sukkah (temporary hut construction built for the holiday) built in common and public areas and for a week it redefines the public space.

interactive map (Drag & move)

The map shows the spread of the Sukkah during the holiday

Spatial transformation during Holidays 

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